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The Mitten 12-pc Flannel Felt Story

The Mitten 12-pc Flannel Felt Story

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Includes a 12-pc handmade flannel board felt items designed to accompany the story "The Mitten" (felt board and book not included).

This set follows the story as written by Jan Brett which includes:
* Big Mitten (11"x8.5")
* Small Mitten (8.5"x6.5")
* Grandma
* Boy (6" tall)
* Bear
* Fox
* Mole
* Snow Owl
* Badger
* Rabbit
* Hedgehog
* Mouse (2" tall)

These pieces are made of high-quality craft felt and/or stiff felt (E-Z felt).

**Felt sets sold here are not endorsed by the publishers**

All our felt sets are handcrafted and made to order. While we try to ship them as soon as possible,
it may take up to 10-12 days to get them ready for shipment.
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